CM Material Handling, Inc.
Making a market for the cotton ginners...
Hello, my name is Raymond Adams.  For over 40-years I have enjoyed my association with the cotton ginning industry.  In the early 1970's, I helped introduce the cotton module builder to farmers around the cotton belt.  Then, I worked with a nearby gin in Texas to test and develop the world's first cotton module feeder.  Those successes led me to serve Continental Gin (and Continental Eagle) as VP Sales, Executive VP, and lastly as President.  From there in 1987 I joined Lummus Industries where I served as President for over 5-years.  Over the past 20-years my partner and I have owned C&M Baling Systems where we have developed machinery and equipment for both the recycling and cotton ginning industries (such as the C&M model 700 mote press and the full-eject press that is used to bale cotton samples at updated USDA Classing Offices).  With the adaptation of the John Deere round module system, and our understanding the direct costs for gins to handle and dispose of the used module covers, it became apparent that this background almost required us to help "Make a Market for Module Wrap" so gins could recover as much revenue as possible from the used module wrap by efficiently baling, and then recycling.  To that end, we established CM Material Handling, Inc. to market used module wrap...and within 30-months we increased the market price paid to gins by 400 to 500 percent!  In addition, C&M Baling Systems designed two special baling presses to bale module wrap (using mote press wire) that can be efficiently loaded at the unwrapper and makes bales that can exported for the best prices. 

To retain the great market prices we have now achieved for the baled module wrap, we must pool our baled module wrap shipments to have a strong negotiating position.  Please consider marketing all your module wrap through CM Material Handling, Inc. or one of our authorized mote dealers.
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